A personal “descanso”

Senior Couple Walking in London
Senior couple walking in London
(Christian Ungureanu on Flickr)

In my previous post I wrote,

…individuals experience personal descansos – resting spots – in the life journey between what was and what is to come.

In truth, the personal descanso from which I presently emerge has been a journey of several years. During that time, caring for a spouse occupied my mind and actions. Any remaining time each day primarily consisted of tending to my practice as a therapist. Emerging from my loved one’s recuperation and a pandemic, along with reducing my professional duties, the call to leave the resting place and begin creative productivity is strong.

And so, Dear Reader, we will begin again to examine our Descansos, with an eye to woman’s discovery of self along the way. The journey will elicit not only my memories; rather, we will tap into voices rooted in the past and present. In effect, if we are successful, we will create a rich tapestry of understanding of ourselves and our need to create those resting places that allow us to integrate life events and to grow from them.

I hope you will join me!