A is for Ambience


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    My husband and I recently completed a master bedroom makeover – freshening the paint and changing out wall-to-wall carpeting for hardwood floor. As we moved the furniture back in, we tried a new arrangement and placed the bed on a different wall, with floor to ceiling windows on either side. Even though the same night table and lamp are still next to my bed, something about the new arrangement awakened in me the desire to return to a bedtime activity that had been my habit for most of my seventy-one years. Thus, so I have and I am enjoying feeling “whole” again.

    What is it about the environment that influenced me to give up my nighttime reading in bed for the last ten years, and what has changed? I really cannot put my finger on it,  if not that our room is more spacious now, and that the wood floor gives it a warmth that it lacked before, and the soft rain on the window next to my head is so soothing. Nevertheless, change prompted me to sink again and with pleasure into an activity that I enjoyed for most of my years and that I abandoned, not knowing why.

    What activities that you enjoyed in the past have disappeared from you current lifestyle? How can you recapture the enjoyment again? What small changes can you make in your schedule or your environment to recapture them?  A is for Ambience.

Note: This is the first of my posts as part of the Blogging from A to Z April (2016) Challenge

* Photo by Jez Timms ~ https://goo.gl/2x4TQE

5 thoughts on “A is for Ambience

  1. I used to enjoy decorating, and over the last year in Florida, I just lost any interest, mainly because the neighbors in our condo complex did not respect our back porch area, and constantly walked through my decor. So I just gave up – but since we sold the thing, and moved to Las Vegas (for business), I am beginning to rekindle that love for ambience. We will be moving to our new house in California this summer, and I am looking forward to decorating it, and the garden.
    Warmth is such an importance in home decor. I truly enjoyed reading your thoughts on how it affected your night time reading routine. Good luck with the rest of the challenge – blessings!


  2. I’ve stopped reading poetry. My days can be so full of a thousand-and-one details that I’ve lost the patience to do the meditative reading that you must have when approaching a poem. I read fiction and nonfiction voraciously – in part because I can read them quickly. Hmmm…I wonder how a change in my environment could help me rekindle my love of poetry?


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