C is for Clothe


Clothe: to dress (someone) in a particular type of clothing

Yesterday I put on one of my favorite pieces of clothing, an aqua-colored fleece, quarter-zip, mock turtleneck. The logo on it is the name of a company that makes outdoor clothing for the young and active. While labels and logos are items that have never impressed me much since I clothe myself for softness and comfort, it occurred to me that some might interpret my clothing as not age appropriate. While I am beyond  worrying about such judgments at my age and station in life, I did pause and begin to muse, asking myself, “How does one clothe oneself for elderhood?” “C” is for (to) clothe.

The quote on the right begins to answer my question.  I am clothed as the person I have become.  More importantly, I may choose how I want to clothe the rest of my elderhood.  As I have thought and shared with others many times, we are – in the opinion of the existentialist philosophers – the sum total of the choices we have made up to the present.  

Consequently, I have become a gifted elder who has made good choices and bad choices. I am an individual who struggled with the “g” word (gifted) throughout most of her life because she chose self-doubt over owning her reality. I have become who I am because I am a spiritual being who believes and lives the belief that a prime being, a creator, put the universe into motion and engendered a force that we call Love. It is our mission to be the continuation of that force. I have become who I am because 42 years ago I married my spouse and we, together, have raised two amazing sons. I have become who I am because I am an educator who, when she did it right, enabled and empowered her students to self-actualize. 

But what shall I become? Or, better stated, what do I choose to become as a gifted elder?

  • I choose to be a truth-sayer,  sharing the important truths with my loved ones now, when they need saying.
  • I choose to continue to be open to the newness of life and not to allow the pain and difficulties of aging to tint its beauty.
  • I choose to continue to create, to instill in others a sense of hope for this age beyond adulthood.
  • I choose to relinquish the spotlight to the younger. I had my days in the sun and what I do now, I do with humble spirit, as an elder.
  • I choose to clothe myself in gifted elderhood, to be a change agent in my own life and not to passively allow my life to happen to me.

What do you choose to become?

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* Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash (https://goo.gl/7cMY9V)                                         **Quote by unknown author (https://goo.gl/AmVUFW).

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